Annual General Meeting Report

Chair report During 2013 the APNT Exec became increasingly concerned with regard to the effectiveness of the BCMA executive and the benefits of BCMA registration to our members, especially in view of the increased amount of work being undertaken directly by APNT. A statement was made at the BCMA AGM in June this year advising the council of our concerns and stating the unless the council agreed to a radical review of the way BCMA was being run APNT would withdraw . I am pleased to report that quite a few associations shared similar concerns and as a result the executive were obliged to stand down and a thorough review is now under way. We will continue to contribute to this process and monitor progress during the coming year to ensure that APNT members receive appropriate “value for money” from their registration fees.

We have appointed members of the exec in liaison with CNHC, GCMT, AC and RF and there will be individual reports in the minutes following today. We have joined PGIH in our own right (having formerly relied on BCMA attendees to report back – or not !) Brittany has been active in this group and we have benefited from her networking (participating in the pre-launch of the iCam hub) and feedback through her reports for the newsletter & social media.

We have renewed our LBL exemption this year.

Thank you to all of the Executive for giving willingly of their time, their expertise and their considerable talent to uphold and enhance the credibility of APNT and its members.

Thank you to all of our members, whether present here or not, for continuing to support our community

Thank you Sorrel for her continued support as Vice Chair and her tireless activity in Schools and Exams coordination as well as her willingness to volunteer to take on many additional tasks. It is thanks to Sorrel that we are here at today’s symposium

Membership Report

Overall there has been a reduction in membership numbers; I’m aware that quite a few of my peers have retired this year, but there is still a steady flow of new applications helping us to maintain a fairly solid core of highly regarded practitioners.

There is a reduced feed in of students from Affiliated Schools, but most former schools, who continue to offer non-APNT courses still recommend their students to seek insurance through APNT.

The Exec have dealt with a few disciplinary matters over the last year – thankfully no serious complaints against practitioners, but we have had to enforce parts of the codes of ethics and conduct; Although we try to be as flexible as possible, we have also reluctantly declined to offer membership renewal in one case .

Reduced numbers equals reduced income, but as costs have been well controlled there was a trading surplus in the finalised accounts for 2013-14. The latest accounts, to 3151 August, have not yet been finalised  but I expect us to be very close to “break-even”.


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