Report on status and fascia and energy therapy work

Fascia is the ongoing buzzword and more information and interest seems to be generated every week.

As Director of the British Fascia Symposium I get to hear what is going on in the fascia world and it is very exciting.  At the moment the big interest is in the conference due in Boston, this November, on fascia and cancer.  We have understood for a long time that the body needs to flow, i.e. a healthy flow of blood, lymph, energy is vital and any restrictions will cause problems, just as a broken down car can create a gridlock on a motorway.  New research appears to have created enough excitement to have brought about this meeting of minds between the fascia world and the medical world.   Watch this space….

We as therapists know empirically that repressed, negative emotion will cause health issues and authors Candace Pert (Molecules of Emotion) and Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) have researched this.  And there is ongoing scientific research on cellular memory, energetic memory and fascial memory.  We need unassailable scientific proof if what we know is ever going to be fully accepted by the medical world.

But even when the science hasn’t caught up with us, things can still move on.  What I saw this week is that Dr Steven Standiford, of the Cancer Treatment Centres in America, is treating patients through what he calls Forgiveness Therapy, as well as the normal medical treatment.

Dr Michael Berry, who wrote a book on The Forgiveness Project, says that 61% of cancer patients have issues around forgiveness and in more than half of these it is severe.  See this link for more details:

So there is progress!

Of course this all links in to energy healing as energy follows thought so we are looking, in healing our thought patterns, at restoring healthy energy flow and thus, energy healers say, positively healthy emotional and physical states.

The British Fascia Symposium will be on June 24/25 2016.

Jan Trewartha
APNT Fascia & Energy representative

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