There is not much to add to last year’s report.  Having said then that the industry was undergoing changes, there has been little if any progress. Of some interest is the fact that both the ISRM’s Level 5 BTEC and the SMA are making changes in name from ‘Sports Massage’ to ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’, I […]

A new plant has been found in Fiji in the Medinilla Group.  It was found by the Water and Nature Initiative Group who work with communities to better manage their water use.  Medinilla Mirabilis is a good diet food, helps coughs and cicatrices wounds.  Medinilla Magnifica Lindl inhibits the growth of cancer cells, slows cervical […]

Fascia is the ongoing buzzword and more information and interest seems to be generated every week. As Director of the British Fascia Symposium I get to hear what is going on in the fascia world and it is very exciting.  At the moment the big interest is in the conference due in Boston, this November, […]

This year has been a full one as the representative for therapists.  I have attended as many of the GCMT meetings in London as possible.  We continue to seek greater continuity throughout the industry to ensure high standards of professional qualification.  To that end, the GCMT has held very constructive discussions with the Qualifying Authorities […]

In the world of Reflexology things have been quite quiet over the last few years. On a positive note things have remained fairly constant. However at the beginning of this year the Reflexology Forum was contacted about a proposed change to the training requirements of all Reflexologists. A new organisation has suggested that their syllabus […]

Chair report – During 2013 the APNT Exec became increasingly concerned with regard to the effectiveness of the BCMA executive and the benefits of BCMA registration to our members, especially in view of the increased amount of work being undertaken directly by APNT. A statement was made at the BCMA AGM in June this year […]

CURRENT STATE AND FUTURE OF THE NHS – Report from the Parliamentary Group for Integrated Health Advances in medical technology have meant longer life spans, and LIFELONG CONDITIONS are now the problem faced, and what is costing the NHS – Arthritis Mutagens, Cystic Fibrosis… just to name a few. The vast majority of the elderly […]

The PSA is known as the highest standard of recognition in our industry. Tonight we heard from Christine Braithwaite to tell us a little bit more about them. WHAT IS THE PSA ROLES? Supporting safer choices Minimizing risks Appropriately handling complaints Being a safety net for the public Maintaining a high-standard for knowledge and education […]

APNT recently attended a meeting with the Parliamentary Group for Integrated Health which highlighted recent studies at the University of Northampton, headed by Chris Roe of the Psychology Department. The aim of the studies was to test and scrutinise healing therapies. This study was funded by the Confederation of Healing Organisations, but the team worked […]

17 September 2013 The Science and Technology Committee has described the current lack of transparency of many clinical trials as “unacceptable”, adding that it has not been impressed with Government efforts to tackle the problem to date. Report: Clinical trials (HTML) Report: Clinical trials (PDF) Inquiry: Clinical trials Science and Technology Committee Committee Chair Andrew […]