Massage Therapy

This year has been a full one as the representative for therapists.  I have attended as many of the GCMT meetings in London as possible.  We continue to seek greater continuity throughout the industry to ensure high standards of professional qualification.  To that end, the GCMT has held very constructive discussions with the Qualifying Authorities regarding the Sports massage curriculum.  This was an extensive review and took some time but was very productive for all parties concerned.  The same process of curriculum review for massage will be starting soon with the APNT front and center in the process.

Fascia continues to be a massive and growing field within the industry, with research and knowledge increasing at a very fast pace.  We continue to keep up to date with as much as possible as this very diverse modality stretches out in many different directions.

There have been virtually no questions directed towards the APNT regarding massage issues but we have been improving our social communications to ensure we have an open and easily accessible dialogue with members.

Although the APNT is a relatively small professional association we continue to be a large voice within the industry at the highest levels.


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