APNT Sports Massage Report 2015

There is not much to add to last year’s report.  Having said then that the industry was undergoing changes, there has been little if any progress.

Of some interest is the fact that both the ISRM’s Level 5 BTEC and the SMA are making changes in name from ‘Sports Massage’ to ‘Soft Tissue Therapy’, I believe in the hope of stepping away from many of the misconceptions and unfortunate associations of the term Sports Massage – ie that it’s only for Sports people and that it’s a brutal and painful treatment.  Certainly it is Mel Cash’s (ISRM) wish to distance his course and therapists from this association.

It interests me that it is one of the many things that make APNT therapists stand out in the field that their fundamental bodywork skills are above and beyond the majority of so many other practitioners, especially in the realm of sports massage.  Perhaps as suggested in last year’s report, it is a good time for the APNT to make some noise in the industry about how great we are!  I think this will also be a good opportunity for us as an organisation to discuss how we develop a more advanced course to offer a place within this changing face of ‘soft tissue therapy’.

The questions posed in last year’s report would still be useful to put to the membership for any opinions and thoughts.  Here they are for reference:

  • Why if at all would you be interested in running/taking a qualification in Sports Massage therapy?
  • Is external accreditation/recognition important to you?
  • In what context would you be likely to use your Sports massage qualification? Ie, private practice, to advance your own skills, work with amateur or professional teams, at a sports injury clinic or club, or in a hotel/leisure context?
  • What level would you like a potential qualification to be? Level 3? Level 4? Or 5? Is it important to you?
  • If you don’t have a sports massage/injury management qualification, are you interested in obtaining one in the future?

Perhaps thoughts could be emailed to [email protected] in time for the next executive meeting.

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