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Welcome to the APNT


What do you want from your professional association?
Do you want to be more than just a name and number?
What might be more important than belonging to a massive organisation?

There are larger professional bodies, yes, and maybe ones that offer cheaper packages, but the APNT has what other groups do not. Let us take you through the benefits of an organisation that gives you, the working therapist, what you need.......

The Association of Physical and Natural Therapists was originally formed in 1986 to give therapists a professional body interested more in high standards and professional conduct than in red tape.

Non commercial, not-for-profit, with a loyal base of practitioner members and a voluntary Executive Committee, the APNT runs on commitment, mutual support and belief in the value of our unique setup. Our members say this about us:

“The APNT is a small, supportive and extremely professional organization, pioneering the way to raise standards in the massage and complementary health world. They provide loyal support for all their members and celebrate the individual. The APNT syllabuses are incredibly comprehensive and their qualifications taught to an extremely high standard.” Emma Gilmore - Director, School of Bodywork

“Whilst I worked in isolation, I welcomed being a member of a supportive, stimulating and energetic community. I chose to train with the APNT in 1996 to be assured of the high professional standard that the APNT has always maintained, and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the APNT ever since. Even though in the last few years I have not professionally massaged I have kept associate membership in order to support the APNT and be part of the community. I can't recommend it highly enough. Respectable and trustworthy, the APNT is also responsive and inclusive; any member can get involved and thus it's informal and friendly. When the public is deluged with 'massage by numbers' practitioners it is so good to have the APNT being standard bearers and a hub for those who practise the deeper and efficacious levels of complementary therapy. To be able to gather together with like minds is not just stimulating it is a treat!”
Gilly Strawford

“I appreciate the way the APNT promotes high standards of knowledge and experience for complementary therapists and supports their / my professional development.” Jessica Bale

In these days of the politicising of the therapy world, the APNT keeps its focus on what is really important while maintaining a strong presence in the arena of professional regulation. We offer representation for our members through association membership of GCMT (General Council of Massage Therapy), the Reflexology Forum and the Aromatherapy Consortium.

We are founder members of, and affiliated to, the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association), the only umbrella organisation representing the whole of complementary medicine. BCMA has a seat on the Parliamentary Advisory Group for Complementary Medicine (PAGCM) so your individual voice can be heard at the highest level and contributes to the future of our industry.

Our practitioner insurance package includes:

* £5m public liability and professional indemnity
* Multi-disciplinary policy – a single premium covers every group 2 (non invasive) treatment in which you qualify (min L3 standard)
* £100k legal expenses cover with a dedicated helpline
* Personal Accident insurance (arranged as a group scheme for APNT practitioners)
*Student Insurance cover whilst you are training in new therapies (included at no additional premium if you already have practitioner cover)
* London Borough Licensing fee exemption for most modalities

You have access to our team of therapy consultants in Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Fascia and Energy work to answer your questions and help you with any problems.

Personal, committed support from a voluntary executive, and a community that revolves around you, the therapist and your needs.

Welcome to the APNT!

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